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Antioxidants boost male fertility

Around 30% to 80% of male fertility problems are thought to be due to free-radical damage to sperm. Now, evidence from a recent Cochrane review has found that antioxidants could help improve male fertility and increase the chances of a live birth. 

The systematic review of randomised controlled trials found that a woman was more likely to have a pregnancy or live birth if her male partner took certain vitamins and antioxidants. The findings suggest that in many cases of unexplained fertility problems, men who take antioxidant supplements may increase the couple’s chances of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term. 

To perform the review, the researchers carried out a search for trials that compared antioxidant supplements with dummy pills, no treatment or another antioxidant. The supplements had to be taken orally by the male partner in a couple seeking fertility treatment. The trials included couples with unexplained infertility or where....

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