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Soy foods - to eat or not to eat?

There has been much discussion, and high-quality research carried out, into the benefits or risks of consuming soy foods, both for female and male health. However, there is also much confusion, especially among women who have hormone related cancers, such as breast cancer, as to their effects and safety. Indeed, many clinicians have positively discouraged eating soy foods in any form following a diagnosis of breast cancer. However, in a recent review carried out in Women’s Health1 on breast cancer survival rates,it appears to confirm no adverse effects from consuming whole soy and there may even be some benefit.  

The main beneficial components of soy foods are isoflavones, which are categorised as phytoestrogens. As well as perhaps being best known for their hormone-balancing effects in menopausal women, soy isoflavones appear to have positive effects for lowering cholesterol, as well as offering protection against bone loss and heart diseas....

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