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Nutrient - Milk thistle

(Silyburn marianum)

By Nutri People

Milk thistle is a traditional medicinal herb, used to relieve the symptoms associated with occasional over-indulgence of drink and food.  Milk thistle (Silyburn marianum) originates from the India-Pakistan border and is a member of the daisy family. Its medicinal properties are found in the ripe seeds. Apparently, Pliny the Elder, as far back as around 23 AD, referred to the plant as being excellent for “carrying off bile”. Researchers in Germany, in 1949, found milk thistle protected the liver of animals who had been exposed to high doses of carbon tetrachloride.

Milk thistle contains an active flavonoid called silymarin, which appears to enter the liver and concentrate in the liver cells during a process called enterohepatic circulation. Silymarin appears to scavenge free radicals, manages the inflammatory response and supports the regeneration of liver cells. It is, therefore, a potent antioxidant; more powerful than vitamins C and E. In numerous studies, it has been shown to raise levels of glutathione in the liver, one of the body’s most important antioxidants, which is critically linked to the liver’s ability to detoxify harmful chemicals, especially alcohol.

Milk thistle helps to protect and support healthy gallbladder function and also supports the digestive system by encouraging bile production, which is needed to break down fat in food.

One to keep on hand for the nights out!

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