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News - Menopausal facial hair and hair thinning

By Nutri People

During the menopause, some women experience hair loss as well as an increase in unwanted body and facial hair. Why? Well, normally oestrogen counteracts the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone (and yes, women do produce male hormones as well). But, after the menopause, the level of oestrogen falls and the testosterone a woman produces can then be converted into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which is thought to promote hair loss and lead to excessive unwanted body and facial hair growth.  

Is there anything that can be done to reduce unwanted hair? Well, in addition to a high dietary phytoestrogen intake, you could also try drinking spearmint tea. Turkish researchers reported in the Phytotherapy Research journal that a few mugs of spearmint tea could help combat excessive facial and body hair by reducing the level of male hormones in the body. This may not work for everyone, but it’s worth a try.   

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