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News - Blueberries and apples may fight fat and cholesterol

By Nutri People

Two studies presented at the Experimental Biology meeting for the American Society for Nutrition have sought to investigate the role fruits may be able to play in the reduction of fat and cholesterol.

The first study, by a researcher from Texas Woman’s University, investigated whether blueberries, high in polyphenols, may be able to help fight the development of fat cells and aid the breakdown of fats within the body. The researcher, Shiwani Moghe, treated tissue cultures with three doses of blueberry polyphenols and demonstrated that the polyphenols were able to suppress fat cells, resulting in a 27 and 73% decrease in the fat content of the blueberry treated tissue compared to control samples. 

The second study by Dr Bahram Arjmandi of Florida State University evaluated the long-term heart-protective effects of daily consumption of dried apple in postmenopausal women. 

The study randomly assigned 160 women ages 45-65 to one of two dietary intervention groups. Participants were asked to supplement their diet with either dried apple (75g/day – equivalent to four to five fresh apples) or dried prunes every day for a year. Blood samples were taken at three, six and 12 months. Participants in the apple group showed a 23% decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol and an increase of 4% in HDL (good) cholesterol. The women eating the apples also lost an average of 3.3lbs during the trial, had lower levels of cell-membrane damaging free radicals and lower levels of C-reactive protein – a marker for inflammation. Arjmanid is quoted as saying that he never expected apple consumption to reduce bad cholesterol to this extent. He added that everyone can benefit from consuming apples 

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