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News - Folic acid may help ward off post-natal depression

By Nutri People

Folic acid has been recommended to pregnant women for a number of years to ensure optimum development of the embryo, including growth, DNA repair, nervous tissue development and maturation of blood cells. 

However, scientists at Bristol University are now suggesting that folic acid supplementation may also help to protect mothers against depression for up to 21 months after giving birth.

The current recommended daily dose of folic acid (400μg) can be taken as a stand-alone supplement or as part of a specially formulated multivitamin and mineral complex for pregnant women. 

Article References

Lewis SJ, Araya R, Leary S, Davey Smith G, Ness A. Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy may protect against depression 21 months after pregnancy, an effect modified by MTHFR C677T genotype. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 20th July 2011 [Epub ahead of print]

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