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News - Doubling vitamin D may reduce mortality rates

By Nutri People

According to a new study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, doubling serum levels of vitamin D could actually increase life expectancy by a staggering two years.

Vitamin D is regarded as a necessary nutrient for the prevention of several health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections and diseases and diabetes.

The study concluded that “increasing serum 25(OH)D levels is the most cost-effective way to reduce mortality rates”.

However, while our bodies manufacture vitamin D on exposure to the sun, vitamin D levels in the UK can often be lacking during the winter months, when we don’t get the exposure we need. Therefore, supplementing with vitamin D is often a good way for us to maintain optimum vitamin D levels all year round.

Article References

Grant WB. An estimate of the global reduction in mortality rates through doubling vitamin D levels. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 6 July 2011 [Epub ahead of print]

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