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News - Three Year K2 Trial Suggests Promising Results

By Nutri People

It is known from mechanistic studies that vitamin K2 helps to activate special proteins in the body called Gla-proteins. One of these Gla-proteinsosteocalcin – is found in the bones where it aids calcification. Another, called Matrix-

Gla-protein, is found in the blood vessel walls where it helps to stop calcium from hardening the arteries. This has sparked interest in optimising K2 as a way of directing calcium in the body, ensuring it ends up in the bones!

To confirm these effects in humans, scientists in the Netherlands initiated a three year clinical intervention study on the effects of the menaquinone-7 form of vitamin K2 on bone and cardiovascular health. To carry out the study they recruited 244 postmenopausal women and randomised them to receive a vitamin K2 supplement or a dummy pill for three years. The compliance was excellent, with 91.4% of the randomised participants staying in the study until its completion.

The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of a sustained intake of a low dose of natural vitamin K2 on both bone and vascular health parameters. Final results are expected to be released during 2012 but the preliminary findings are compelling. Of particular note is that the study indicates that vitamin K2 has positive effects on several CVD-parameters, including pulse wave velocity, which is a measure of arterial stiffness. The results also show that vitamin K2 plays a positive role in bone health, demonstrating improvements in the quality of bone in those taking K2 compared to the placebo. 

Article References

Vermeer, C. “Clinical trial on beneficial effects of long term MenaQ7® (Natural Vitamin K2) intake by postmenopausal women” Nattopharma Press Release. January 16. 2012

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