The Personal
Health Guide

The Guide is an up-to-date
reference to over 180 health
conditions with indications
of the nutritional principles
and the nutrients that
have been used to help
the body to return to,
and stay in, optimum health

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Health Conditions

Nutritional science defines health as the natural state of a body
being in balance with fully functioning biochemistry and
physiology. When we have lost that state, there is a
‘health condition’. This is where nutritional intervention
and supplementation is key in re-balancing the body.
Many scientific studies demonstrate the safety and
effectiveness of nutrition for optimal health.

The expansive Nutri People website enables you to use the
links from Health Conditions to Nutrients in order to broaden
your understanding as well as providing an excellent reference
tool. We have even provided you with an easy-to-use
"note-it" giving you recommendations for appropriate
nutrients based on your information searches.


There are in excess of 40 different nutrients required daily in
order to maintain and restore an individual to health, the
majority of which are not made in the body and need to be
taken into the diet. However, Recommended Daily Allow-
ances are only based on nutrient levels needed to avoid
absolute deficiency rather than those needed to maintain
and improve health and there are still widespread nutrient
deficiencies even within wealthy nations.

The extensive nutrient list will enable you to gain a greater
understanding of all those that the body needs on a daily
basis and help you to create your own personalised nutrition
programme. There are also nutritionists on-line, at the end of
a phone or by fax to guide you through if you need further

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